2020 by TGM Kanis Turbinen GmbH



Modernization of rotating components, so called Retrofits, can be seen as three different areas. Retrofits basically consist of:

  • Retrofits due to damages

  • Retrofits due to changes in plant operation and demands to improve efficiency.

  • Retrofits, including modernization due to end of life cycle time and fatigue of materials.


TGM Kanis can execute all above mentioned retrofits, based on the design department of a turbine manufacturer, the experts for thermodynamic, as well as flow mechanic calculations and Finite Element calculations to confirm operational and fatigue strength, as well as the own non-destructive material testing facility (level 3 NDT master).


Based on our production units in Germany and Brasil, working in 3 shifts aroud the clock, we are able to execute the in-house designed retrofit activities within shortest time and – of course – with original manufacturer quality. This becomes especially important, as soon as the remaining life cycle time must be considered after having passed the 100.000 equivalent operating hour limit.