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Design parameters

Anker 1

By standardising the CT and BT steam turbine series, TGM Kanis can cover a very wide range of applications and provide reliable and economical solutions for almost all industrial applications.

Scope of services

Werksmontage, Baustellenmontage

Abnahmemessungen mit Erstellung des Abnahmeberichtes nach DIN 1943

Einbringung der Aggregate über Dach oder mittels Hubgerüst entsprechend der örtlichen Gegebenheiten


Inbetriebnahme und Probebetrieb

After-sales service

Industrial use cases


Steam inlet pressures between 1.5 and 140 bar


Steam inlet temperatures between saturated steam and 540°C


Back pressures between vacuum and 40 bar


Withdrawal pressures between 0.7 and 70 bar


Single and multiple withdrawals


Uncontrolled single and multiple taps


Heat gradient to be processed between 100 and 1,400 kJ/kg


Drive speeds between 3,000 rpm and 13,600 rpm


Capacities between 100 kW and approx. 100 MW


Am Flachmoor 6
90475 Nuremberg


Phone: +49 911 239568-710

We offer all employees as well as persons who are or have been in contact with us due to their professional activities an internal reporting office at the aforementioned email address where grievances, violations or suspicious facts can be reported. TGM Kanis treats all incoming information confidentially and does not tolerate any reprisals against whistleblowers who report possible violations in good faith and responsibly.

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