TGM Kanis can also execute any modernization of turbines and components.


Modernization of valve drives

Not only quick acting protection devices and safety blocks are essential to achieve short closing times for the main stop valves, but also a quick acting hydraulic drive which closes the valve, according to customer wishes, within milliseconds.

Hydraulic drives from TGM Kanis enable quicker closing times for miscellaneous emergency stop valves.


2-out of-3-hydraulic safety block

This 2- out of 3 safety block, developed by TGM Kanis, is meanwhile being used also for foreign turbines. The design ensures very high functional reliability and availiability combined with a compact and light design and complies with highest safety standards (SIL3).


Modernization of turbine control system / change of mechanical hydraulic control to digital electro-hydraulic control

We can modernize existing plants, which do not have a modern or digital turbine control system. You can take advantage of the experience of TGM Kanis, using a standardized

turbine control system, which has been developed over many years. When modernizing the turbine control system, customer- specific requirements regarding electro-hydraulic controls as well as turbine protection will be realized precisely and reliably.


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