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About us

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TGM Kanis Turbinen GmbH is active worldwide as a manufacturer of high-quality steam turbines, steam turbosets and the associated plant technology for power generation or mechanical drives.


Our endeavour to achieve maximum customer satisfaction through first-class quality of our products and technologies, qualified employees, effective and safe processes is a decisive success factor.


  • Our mission is the design, manufacture, commissioning and maintenance of steam turbine generators and we love to exceed our customers' expectations with our enthusiasm and commitment.

  • We are a professionally acting medium-sized company, which is fast and flexible due to short decision paths and flat hierarchies.

  • We think solution-oriented and pragmatic, are courageous and decisive and thus react fast and goal-oriented in the sense of the customer and the employees.

  • We identify ourselves with the company values and appreciate the mutual loyalty between the employees and the company.

  • We take responsibility for our actions towards our customers, colleagues and employees.

  • We rely on employees who live their own values and convictions authentically and with integrity and enrich us with individuality.

  • We communicate straightforwardly, directly, respectfully and recognise the personal skills and contribution of each colleague.

  • We know that we can only generate a product of outstanding quality as a team, which is why we rely on employees who think beyond their own area in a networked and autonomous manner. 

  • We manufacture durable goods, therefore we always question our thinking and acting on sustainability in relation to the products, the environment and the health and development of our employees.


1. Mission statement and corporate principles

The primary goal of TGM Kanis Turbinen GmbH is to be active worldwide as a manufacturer and service provider of high-quality steam turbines, steam turbosets and auxiliary systems for power generation or as mechanical drives. Our endeavor to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction through first-class quality of our products and technologies, as well as qualified employees, effective and safe processes is a key success factor to us. Improvement of our quality management as well as the development and on-going development of our products and services is important to us. In addition, we attach great importance to the preservation of the environment, as well as environmentally friendly processes, continuous improvement of our environmental performance and the best possible occupational health and safety protection for all our employees.


2. Quality principles

High customer orientation and high quality standards: Our customers set the standard for the quality of our products and services. To exceed our customers' expectations wherever possible is the aim of all our employees. Our quality standards relate to our products and processes, the qualification of our employees and our dealings with interested parties.


3. Responsibility in the area of occupational safety, health and environmental protection

The maintenance of a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly working environment for all employees in the office, in the workshop and on the construction site as well as the protection of employees, users and residents of our facilities is the top priority in the design of our manufacturing processes.


4. Responsibility towards our interested parties

In order to meet the high demands of our interested parties, we take into account their expectations in our quality planning and operational implementation as well as our environmental measures.


5. Responsibility of management and employees

The company policy is binding for the management and for all employees, since on one hand the quality of the joint work generates an important contribution towards increasing the economic efficiency and thus preserving the jobs and, on the other hand, the continuous improvement of our joint environmental performance gives an important contribution to a sustainable and environmentally friendly business.

Erde und Weltraum


  • We comply with the rules of applicable labour laws. In particular, we ensure fair working conditions, fair remuneration and compliance with the statutory working hours.

  • Employees are our most important asset. In addition to the quality of our products and services and economic success, the safety and health of our employees are an equally important corporate goal.

  • Our social responsibility is also reflected in voluntary services to promote health, a balanced work-life balance, the optimisation of the working environment and the strengthen-ing of employee loyalty.

  • We respect all rights of our employees.

  • We treat all people equally, regardless of gender, age, skin color, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, religion, ideology or other personal characteristics.

  • We promote equal opportunities and do not tolerate discrimination or bullying of any kind.

  • We reject all forms of forced and child labour.

  • We respect internationally recognised human rights.

  • We see ourselves as an active member of society and are therefore involved in various ways, for example in the form of donations to charitable institutions.

nebligen Wald


  • Ecological concerns are a matter of concern to us. We are committed to the efficient and responsible use of natural resources.

  • We are committed to minimizing waste and promoting recycling and reuse.

  • We respect and protect natural ecosystems and habitats and take measures to preserve biodiversity.

  • The use of hazardous substances is regularly checked for environmentally friendly substitutes and substituted accordingly.

  • We use photovoltaic systems and geothermal energy and thus make a significant contribution to protecting the environment.

  • Our goal is to develop and manufacture products that are safe, save energy and keep the impact on the environment as small as posisible throughout their entire product life cycle.

  • In addition to efficient process structures and a long-term sustainability strategy, we pay attention to a network of qualified and responsible partners and expect them to comply with the law in their business prac-tices.

  • Our partners undertake to use environmentally friendly products and processes in their deliveries and services and also in the case of supplies or ancillary services of third parties within the scope of economic and tech-nical possibilities.

  • Our goal is to at least cover costs on an economic entrepreneurial level. A responsible handling of our finances is mandatory for us.


  • 2004

    • Foundation of Kanis Turbinen GmbH

    • Employees: 2​

  • 2005

    • Sale of the first turbine in Europe

    • Employees: 10

  • 2006:

    • Accession of TGM Turbinas Ltda. and rebranding into TGM Kanis Turbinen GmbH

    • Employees: 15

  • 2008:

    • Sale of the first turbine in Scandinavia

    • Employees: 30

  • 2010:

    • Relocation into a new office

    • Employees: 40

  • 2012:

    • Sale of turbine number 50​

    • Emloyees: 70

  • 2014:

    • Extension of the office

  • 2018:

    • More than 110 Steam turbines sold

    • Employees: more than 120


Am Flachmoor 6
90475 Nuremberg


Phone: +49 911 239568-710

We offer all employees as well as persons who are or have been in contact with us due to their professional activities an internal reporting office at the aforementioned email address where grievances, violations or suspicious facts can be reported. TGM Kanis treats all incoming information confidentially and does not tolerate any reprisals against whistleblowers who report possible violations in good faith and responsibly.

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