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Electrical engineering & Control system

Anker 1

The turbine control system records the process and machine parameters, performs its evaluation and processing and the relevant control of drives and units as well as their handling, signalization and alarming.

The principal control system concept is shown in the “turbine control system configuration”. Measured values are monitored in the “local cubicle” and are transmitted via three independent profi bus connections to the TÜS (turbine supervisory cubicle). The generator control system components (generator protection, voltage controller and synchronization)

are installed in the GÜS (generator supervisory cubicle). TGM Kanis´ control and safety philosophy is covering the VGB – standard VGB-R 103 M for monitoring, limitation and protection devices for steam turbines as well as the IEC standard IEC 45-1 for steam

turbines. The overspeed protection, which is the most important element of the turbine protection (failure level 1), is realized in its own hardware and with three channels. The function of each channel can be tested under running turbine conditions from the speed monitor up to the trip solenoid valve in the safety block. Shut down of the turboset is done

by the protection SPS (closing the emergency stop valve) as well as the turbine controller (closing the control valves). The turbine controller is configurated in a programmed version and realized in the CPU S7. The turbine start-up is fully automatic, i.e. by starting individual function groups. The turbine speed is increased to nominal speed and loaded further to

a pre-selected target load by a free load controller as option. In this case the free margin is calculated from temperature differences at the turbine casing and from material parameters. With this start-up procedure the start-up time will be minimized, exploiting the admissible temperature differences at the turbine flange without exceeding admissible



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