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Anker 1

TGM Kanis Turbinen offers various engineering services in the design and planning of steam turbines.


Layout of steam turbines according to load point tables or calculation of complete water-steamcycles as combined calculation


Draft and layout planning depending on chosen foundation concept (concrete table or steel frame) with integrated oil plant in 3D-CAD


Turbine design either as a new design or as a retrofit with complete rotating equipment including calculation


Complete pipe planning with pipe drawings (3D), isometrics and material take off (MTO)


Process technology with P&IDs and corresponding lists


Function planning, control diagrams and configuration of operating screens


Am Flachmoor 6
90475 Nuremberg


Phone: +49 911 239568-710

We offer all employees as well as persons who are or have been in contact with us due to their professional activities an internal reporting office at the aforementioned email address where grievances, violations or suspicious facts can be reported. TGM Kanis treats all incoming information confidentially and does not tolerate any reprisals against whistleblowers who report possible violations in good faith and responsibly.

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