Fast service


TGM Kanis can offer the complete scope of fast and sustained service. The fast service covers, depending on demand, the following scope:


Inspection, minor Overhaul, major Overhaul

Planning and execution of Inspections, minor and mayor overhauls for industrial steam turbo-sets and auxiliary systems with own specially trained TGM-Kanis personnel


Diagnosis + material tests

Due to our level 3 certified NDT master,

we are able to perform all non-destructive



24-hour telephone hotline

Due to our 24-hours service in combination

with a systematic trouble-shooting

by our specialists, we assure a quick

and reliable support to our customers


Borescope inspection

Modern borescopic methods allow

visual inspection of the turbine blade

channel without turbine casing opening.

Video-borescop available


Machine diagnostics and analysis

  • Vibration and noise measurement and evaluation at site by TGM-Kanis experts

  • Execution and evaluation of turbine rotor analysis

  • High and low speed rotor balancing in balancing tunnel as well as at site by own high qualified TGM-Kanis personnel

  • Execution and evaluation of performance tests acc. DIN 1943


Engineering / Studies

Execution of water and steam cycle

calculations, turbine layout, feasibility

studies, economical analysis, etc.


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